ETC devices can be refilled with cash or bank cards at the Points of Sale during work hours or at the following toll lanes operated by Hrvatske Autoceste d.o.o. 24 hours a day. 

Other methods of refilling the ETC account are by bank transfer, SMS vouchers, and through the toll collection WEB portal by bank cards and Internet banking.
Refilling the ETC account by Internet banking may be done by making payment to: 

  • HAC giro account No. 2340009-1502010330,
  • IBAN: HR1523400091502010330 where the reference number should list the first 12 digits from the ETC device
  • by creating a quotation via toll collection web portal https://prodaja.hac.hr/ with the evident reference number 
Where can ETC device and ETC packages be purchased?

ETC devices can be purchased at all sales points of Hrvatske Autoceste d.o.o. 

How much is the ETC device or the ETC package?

The ETC device is HRK 122.00 (VAT included), and there are three types of the ETC package for all vehicle categories: 

Package for HRK 380.61       ETC device (120.00 kn) + toll amount of HRK 333.00 
Package for HRK 544.34       ETC device (110.00 kn) + toll amount of HRK 555.00 
Package for HRK 882.60       ETC device (100.00 kn) + toll amount of HRK 1000.00

How can I refill the ETC account?

During the business hours you may refill your ETC account by cash in kunas or by bank cards whereas at toll plazas it can be done by cash in kunas, euros or by bank card 24 hours a day. 

You can also add to your balance by bank transfer, SMS vouchers and through toll collection WEB portal by bank cards and Internet banking. Adding funds through Internet banking can be done by payment on: 

  • HAC`s giro account number 2340009-1502010330, 
  • IBAN: HR1523400091502010330 where the reference number is the first 12 digits on the ETC device 
  • by creating offers through the web shop https://prodaja.hac.hr which shows the reference number 
  • users who want to top up their account in a foreign currency (euro), should go to some of the company's points of sale. 
May one ETC device be used in more than one vehicle?

ETC device is not tied to a vehicle licence plate, but to the category for which the device is registered at purchase, so that it can be used in several vehicles of the corresponding category. The exception is the ETC device (standing order) for the 3rd and 4th categories which can be used only for a specific vehicle, i.e. it is tied to a particular license plate, which is recorded during purchase at the delivery note. 

How to refill the account with SMS vouchers?

You may refill your account with an SMS voucher in two ways: 

By sending a text message 

  • Enter 14-figure number from your SMS voucher in the SMS message 
  • First 12 figures from your ETC device should be copied after the dash (the number can be found on the left side of the device) 
  • A message for SMS voucher number 12345678901234 and ETC number 021098765432 should look like this: 


  • Send the text message to the number 810422. 
  • Send the text message to the number +385912080422 if you are using a mobile device of a foreign operator. 
  • Soon after the text has been sent, you will receive a notification about successful refill of your ETC account. 
  • The users of the ETC SMS service will pay for the sent SMS message according to the standard price list of the Telecom operator whose service they use. 

VIA web portal

  • By logging on to the toll collection WEB portal and choosing the refill option, refilling with a voucher and by entering a 14-figure number from the SMS voucher and choosing execute refill.

Refilling with a SMS voucher via mobile device can be done only through mobile operators that operate within Croatia.

SMS vouchers for refilling the account can be purchased at all HAC`s toll plazas as well as at the points of sale of TISAK, INA, CRODUX DERIVATI, TIFON, ZAGREBAČKA BANKA, iNOVINE, HRVATSKA POŠTA and PETROL.

Can the ETC device be used immediately upon payment?

In case of refilling the ETC device account at a point of sale of Hrvatske Autoceste, the device can be used within half an hour to an hour. In case of other payment methods (bank transfer) the device can be used the following day, or in case of weekends and holidays two days after the payment. 
Explanation: bank statements are entered every morning (except on Sundays and holidays) for payments from the previous day. 

What is the difference between the ETC, seasonal ETC and Standing Order ETC?

The difference between the aforementioned ETC devices is in the toll discount that depends on the chosen prepayment model.

  • 21,74% ETC warrants the same discount throughout the year. 
  • Seasonal 33,48% ETC warrants the same discount in the period between 1 November and 31 March and outside this period the 21,74% discount applies. Between 1 November and 31 March the minimum amount of payment has been established subject to the vehicle category and natural or legal person.
  • Standing order ETC allows payment via credit cards for all vehicle categories through the system of subsequently calculated discount: 
  1. Through standing order all vehicle categories are entitled to a 13,04% discount 
  2. Through standing order that is tied to a credit card III and IV vehicle categories are entitled to a toll discount of 30,43%. If the vehicle emission class is EURO 4, a 3% discount is allowed, and for the emission class EURO 5 a 5% discount is allowed. For these services the ETC device is tied to the vehicle licence plate number. 
  3. ETC standing order can be arranged with credit cards issued in the Republic of Croatia and by the INA card. 

When is the contractual penalty charged?

The contractual penalty is the penalty that is charged to a user who has not acted in accordance with the General toll conditions. Double amount of toll for the longest route and for the relevant category of vehicles from the point of exit for the travelled motorway route is charged to users if:

  • they appear at the toll plaza exit without a recording on the transit medium
  • they appear at the toll plaza exit with a recording on the transit medium that is more than 24 hours old, and if there is no reason for exceeding the allowed time on the motorway  
  • the data from the transit medium by which the entrance to the motorway was allowed, is not used at the toll plaza exit 
Where and how can I file a complaint?

Complaints can be made (toll price, ETC ...) by phone over the free line 0800 0422, by e-mail: info-naplata@hac.hr and at every toll plaza

What is the time limit for dealing with a complaint?

Complaints are resolved within 15 days after the day on which they were received. If a complaint cannot be resolved within 15 days, the user will be informed about the reasons of delay and a new date will be set.

What is the procedure for issuing the R-1 invoice for companies?

R1 receipts can be obtained by sending original receipts from the paid toll (that you received at toll booths) and by enclosing personal or company information (do not forget ID number) to the address: Hrvatske autoceste održavanje i naplata cestarine d.o.o., Sektor za naplatu cestarine, Jadranska avenija 6, 10 250 Zagreb. 

What is the maximum allowed time one can stay on a motorway?

The maximum time one is allowed to stay on a motorway is up to 24 hours.

Is there a deadline for spending the amount paid to the ETC?

There are no time limits for spending the amounts paid to ETC device account. 

What is the allowed overdraft on the ETC account?

There is no prescribed level for an overdraft on ETC device, but it is permitted in the amount of one transaction. The user is obligated to subsequently pay non-permitted overdraft within 30 days as of the day of overdraft; on the contrary the user is given a warning before an official claim is raised and the procedure of collecting the claimed amount is initiated.

If the user has no proceeds on his ETC account, he can not use ETC lane for toll payment.

How can I check my account balance?

The ETC account balance may be checked in several ways: 

  • Via toll collection WEB portal    https://prodaja.hac.hr/
  • By calling INFO telephone line 0800 - 0422
  • Personally at the points of sale of the HAC 

Via mobile phone by sending the text message consisting of capital S, dash, first 12 figures from your ETC device (example: S-061098765432). The written text messages should be sent to 810422. The users of ETC SMS service pay for the sent message according to the standard price list of their Telecom service provider. The balance of the ETC account can be checked only via mobile phones of the operators doing business in the Republic of Croatia. 

Where can I buy vouchers for refilling the account via SMS text message?

SMS vouchers for refilling the account can be purchased non-stop at all toll plazas of HAC as well as at points of sale of TISAK, INA, CRODUX DERIVATI, TIFON, SLOBODNA DALMACIJA, ZAGREBAČKA BANKA, iNOVINE, HRVATSKA POŠTANSKA BANKA and PETROL.

HAC SMS e-vouchers can be purchased in the value of HRK100, 300, 500 and 900. 

The users of ETC SMS service pay for the sent message according to the standard price list of their Telecom service provider. 

What is the purpose of the toll collection WEB portal?

Via WEB portal https://prodaja.hac.hr/ the users of ETC devices may refill their accounts by credit card, SMS voucher, or they can make an offer (independently created offer for transfer payment or e-banking), and check their account balance and the list of transactions made on their ETC device.

How is discount for the ETC calculated?

Discounts on ETC are calculated at each payment to ETC account depending on the prepayment model and it includes different discounts. 

Why should the users of the ETC prepayment register?

Hrvatske Autoceste have to register all users of a HAC ETC device in the subscription system to be able to collect potential claims, which would not be possible if the owner of the ETC device is unknown. Most of the ETC users have already registered by filling out the application form, but some of them who had bought the ETC devices at the gas stations, kiosks or HAC points of sale, have not filled the form enclosed with the ETC package. In March 2013 HAC made a decision that all unregistered ETC users must register within a specified time, if they still want to use the pre-paid HAC ETC service.
The HAC ETC subscription or the HAC ETC prepaid service allows users to pay undetermined amount on the ETC subscription account used for toll payment via ETC device, and to have an overdraft in the amount of one transaction. If the user has minimal balance on the account, for example, 1 kuna, he is allowed to enter and exit the motorway regardless of the toll amount. This system is in place because there is no way of knowing if a user, who has for example 10 kunas on the ETC account will exit the motorway on a section for which he will have to pay 3 or 181 kunas. 
Given the fact that HAC has a considerable number of users who are not registered and there is no way of knowing who owns those ETC devices, and some of the unknown users have outstanding payment, the company passed a Decision on the limited use of ETC devices of anonymous users / as announced on 29 November 2013 in the Official Gazette No. 142/2013.