ETC SMS service pay

Your ENC device account can be filled up easily using your mobile phone and SMS vouchers. SMS vouchers can be purchased at all toll plazas of HAC as well as at pioints of sale of TISAK, SLOBODNA DALMACIJA, ZAGREBAČKA BANKA, iNOVINE, INA, TIFON, HRVATSKA POŠTANSKA BANKA, CRODUX DERIVATI and PETROL.

Vouchers can be purchased in the value of:
• HRK 100
• HRK 300 
• HRK 500 
• HRK 900 

All voucher values ensure a toll tariff discount of 21,74%.
How to fill up your account with an SMS voucher: 
1. Take out the purchased voucher from the protective foil and scratch off the foil on its back
2. Bellow the scratched off foil there is a 14-figure voucher number 
3. Enter the 14-figure voucher number in the SMS message
4. After the dash copy first twelve figures from your ENC device (the number can be found on the left side of the device) 
5. An example of what a message with for voucher No. 12345678901234 and ENC No. 210987654321 should look like: 12345678901234-210987654321
6. Send the message to number 810422  or for  foreign mobile networks +385 91 2080 422
7. Soon after you have sent it, you will receive a notification about successful filling up of your ENC account 

Users of ENC SMS service pay the for the sent SMS message according to the regular price list of their mobile operator.

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