Toll payment conditions

In line with the Toll Rulebook NN 130/13, 122/14) on motorways operated by the company Hrvatske Autoceste d.o.o. toll is charged for the length of a section between two toll points according to the relevant vehicle category. Toll is paid at the toll plazas and may be paid in cash, by cards American.jpg  diners.jpg  master.jpg  visa.jpg  maestro.jpg, INA card ina card web.jpg and MOLGROUP CARD GOLD EUROPE or CROATIA MOL kartica web.jpg identified as acceptable means of payment at the points of sale, or by prepaid products.

In line with the regulations on foreign currency transactions non-residents may pay toll in € according. 

Two toll collection systems are in use on Croatian motorways: open and closed toll collection system. On engineering structures (bridges, tunnels) and on shorter motorway sections the open toll system is in use. In such toll system a toll plaza serves as both entry and exit station, and the tariff is determined based on the vehicle category. 

On motorways with several entries and exits the closed toll collection system is in use. In the closed toll collection system the motorway user takes a toll ticket at the entry and returns it to the toll attendant at the motorway exit. Based on the submitted ticket toll collection is charged according to the length of the travelled section and vehicle category.

The User shall be charged PENALTIES in an amount of double toll tariff for the longest route and the pertaining vehicle category from the point of exit for the travelled motorway route if: 

  • He/she appears at the toll plaza without a recording on the transit media; 
  • The recording on the transit media is more than 24 hours old, and there is no evidence about the cause of the delay on the motorway;
  • If at the motorway exit he/she does not use the data from the transit media that allowed them to enter the motorway. 

If the User exits at the same toll plaza where he/she entered, he/she then pays the tariff of the longest relation from the point of exit on that motorway route for the pertaining vehicle category.

The users of electronic toll collection (ETC i.e. the so called ENC device) use dedicated lanes for this mode of payment and do not collect a toll ticket.