Instructions for installation and use of ETC (ENC) device

Installation instructions

Electronic toll collection device (ETC) consists of an on board unit (OBU) and a holder. To be able to install the OBU, the holder must be fixed on the front windshield. 
The support must be fixed on the interior of the windshield behind the rear-view mirror and slightly to the left to avoid visual disturbance for the driver. 
On windshields with thermal insulation, the holder should be placed on the non-metallized part of the window which is usually behind the rear-view mirror. (In your vehicle's manual you can check out if your vehicle has a windshield with thermal insulation). 
Before placing the holder you should clean and dry the surface and then glue the OBU holder on it. 

Instructions for use

When entering the ETC lane a vehicle shall keep 10 m distance from the vehicle in front. When approaching the automatic barrier vehicle should stop shortly. The arm of the automatic barrier should be in lowered position. The indicator on traffic lights is red, and the user display reads „looking for ETC device“ ("tražim ENC uređaj"). The antenna receives a signal from the OBU, the arm of the barrier raises and the vehicle is free to enter or exit the motorway. 
It there is no sufficient balance on the ETC account, the customer may not enter the motorway with ETC device, instead he should collect a magnetic ticket and hand it to the toll attendant at the exit toll lane. 
For further information please call the free line: 0800 - 0422