Ownership and management structure


Republic of Croatia 100%


Government of the Republic of Croatia represented by the Minister of Maritime Affairs,Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Oleg Butković

Supervisory Board

Branimir Jerneić, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Nino Vela, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Darko Kasap, Member of the Supervisory Board

Ladislav Turčinović,  Member of the Supervisory Board

Anđelko Kasunić,  Member of the Supervisory Board

Contact: nadzorni.odbor@hac.hr

Audit Committee

Nataša Munitić, Chair of the Audit Committee

Ladislav Turčinović, Deputy Chair of the Audit Commiettee

Darko Kasap,  Member of the Audit Committee

Rudi Grubišić, Member of the Audit Committee

Contact: revizorski.odbor@hac.hr

Management Board

Ph.D. Boris Huzjan, BSc (Civ Eng)President of the Board

Stjepan Baranašić, BSc (Civ Eng), Member of the Board

Management Board Office

Snježana Ceković, BSc (Econ), Head of the Management Board Office

Heads of Departments

Darko Bubalo, LLB, Head of the Department for Legal and General Affairs

Miodrag Furdin, BSc (Civ Eng), Head of the Department for Investments and EU Funds

M.Tomislav Ružić, BSc (Econ), Head of the Department for Economic and Financial Affairs

Ivica Križanić, BSc (Mech. Eng), Head of the Maintenance Department

Ivan Ribičić, BSc (Econ), Head of the Toll Collection Department